Castelnou (medieval town)

Castelnou, a medieval jewel

Nestled in the heart of the Pyrénées-Orientales, the village of Castelnou is a true medieval jewel. Classified among the "Most Beautiful Villages of France", it offers an exceptional architectural heritage.

Dominating the landscape, the ruins of the medieval castle proudly stand on a rocky spur. Below, the stone and red-tiled houses are staggered along the narrow and winding streets. The whole forms a harmonious and preserved ensemble, typical of Catalan architecture.

Wandering the streets of Castelnou is a dive into History. Visitors can admire the Saint-Génis church, the village square and the ramparts surrounding the town. A true museum-village, Castelnou seduces with its authenticity and tranquility.

Just a few kilometers from the Mediterranean, this picturesque village is a must-see to discover the rich cultural heritage of the Roussillon region.